5 Tips to keep your business visible during the COVID19 lockdown

1) Develop a communication plan:

Now is the time to communicate to your customer audience. The communication plan is used to clarify relationships between audiences, messages, channels and activities. Communication plays a vital role for the business and should be spread across a number of channels and not only one.  Explore social media channels and use email marketing to send regular emailers to your customers, detailing your products and services.  People will have more time on their hands, so you are likely to see increased engagement during this period.

 2) Stay connected on social media:

 It is important to stay connected on social media. Using social media channels ensure that your customers and employees are getting the support they need. If your business isn’t on social media yet, it’s time to consider creating a Google Business Page, Facebook page or an Instagram account. These channels are free and can help you stay connected with customers and employees anywhere at any time.

 3) Update your Google business profile:

Updating your business profile will provide accurate information to your customers whether your business hours have changed or your business model, these should be updated on your Google business profile and will help your customers stay up to date on the necessary changes that have taken place due to Covid-19.  If you don’t have a Google Business profile, get in touch with us and we will set it up for you.

4) Offer online training for your customers:

Think about whether you can offer online training for your customers.  If you have a sales team, why not use them to do online training sessions with their customers.  Use your existing sales presentations and offer training via one of the many resources available, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or Webinar Jam. This is important in order to get across important information, documents, training ect.

5) Need help? Schedule an online meeting with Blue Rocket Marketing.

Let us analyse your business and assist you with a communications plan to ensure that your business runs efficiently and effectively during these tough times.  We can help you set up your social media pages, send emailer’s, assist you with online training and can even develop a content plan for you.  If you would like some training on basic digital marketing, we can help you too.  Send an email to info@bluerocket.co.za