Conversion Rate Optimization: Turning Visitors to Valuable Customers

The reason conversion rate optimization (CRO) is so important for businesses and organizations is that it causes more of your website’s visitors to perform some action which you desire, for instance to make a purchase. Conversion occurs when the a visitor becomes a buyer, and the rate of those conversions increases as a result of the systematic approach that you take to encourage visitors to perform your desired actions.
This is a practice that every business should take advantage of, and among other things, it involves the enhancement of your social media presence, email marketing, and good SEO practices. Even if you lack the expertise in-house to achieve all this, there are a number of firms which specialize in CRO implementation, and which can supply that missing knowledge and expertise, to help you achieve the kind of conversion rates that will help grow your business.

Importance of SEO and website content

Conversion Rate Optimization GraphWhile a truly comprehensive approach to conversion rate optimization can embrace a great many additional aspects of improving your website’s performance, there are a few elements in particular which provide the most bang for the buck. The first of these is search engine optimization (SEO), which calls for you to use appropriate titles and headings, keywords which are strongly relevant to your business, and metadata that supports your business objectives.
Graphics and videos should be well-placed to grab user attention, and should also reflect the nature of your business. Text content should be easy to read, with important points highlighted so as to be easily digestible by readers, with long-winded blocks of text avoided altogether, even if they are informative and accurate.

Usability, CTA, and testimonials

Ease of use is another big factor in making your website appealing enough to encourage sales and other desired actions. As an example, if your business is an online store, does it have a very clear and understandable shopping cart function? If your checkout procedure is so complicated that a potential customer might abandon it in mid-process, you’ll have the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Customer testimonials can be powerfully convincing to your website visitors, because they originate from other customers, and if those testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, they can be a decisive factor in converting a visitor into a buyer. Lastly, a sincere and compelling call-to-action (CTA) provides a clear-cut message to the site visitor about what it is you want them to do, whether that be to sign up for something, to call for a free quote, or to claim a free prize in exchange for their email address.

Expert CRO

As mentioned above, you don’t necessarily need to have this expertise in-house – you just need to be aware of an expert who can manage it all for you, at a very affordable cost. One such company is Blue Rocket Marketing, which can provide a full range of services for your business, like SEO, WordPress website design, social media management, and Shopify-managed product sales.

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