Facebook, Instagram videos can now be viewed in WhatsApp

Video is in Vogue

So much so that WhatsApp’s latest feature now allows Facebook and Instagram videos to play directly in the messaging app itself.

As of last Monday, when a friend sends you a funny cat video from Facebook or Instagram, you can watch the video within WhatsApp, without having to leave the app and your conversation thread.

A simple improvement maybe, but in this fast paced world of instant gratification, it is a welcomed update. Moreover, with picture-in-picture, you can continue watching the video even as you move between other chats. The app already allowed users to play YouTube videos within a conversation.

Group Chat Updates

The latest update for iOS also adds a new functionality for group chats. This includes the ability to add and withdraw admin privileges from other users and grants admins the power to edit the subject, description, and icon of the chat. Notably, support for group video calls and video chats are in the pipeline. Watch this space… 

The new features are yet to hit Android.