New website designed for Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club

We had great fun designing a new website for Tygerberg Mountain Bike club, working from early September until launch date on 1 December 2018.  We wanted the site to have a clean and simple user interface and at the same time, we wanted to show off the beautiful mountain bike trails that the Tygerberg trail network has to offer.  So we enlisted fellow mountain biker and photographer Sean Rau, to work with us on getting some really spectacular photographs of the trails.  We were up early mornings to get the beautiful golden sunrise shots of every trail on the network.

The website was developed in WordPress with a WooCommerce platform built-in to facilitate purchasing of memberships.  As planned, the site went live on 1 December, with a few little hiccups of course, which were ironed out very quickly!

We are really proud of this project and received a great testimonial from Nicky Noble of Tygerberg MTB Club:  “Working with Blue Rocket was an absolute pleasure. Their dedication and attention to detail is something they should be proud of. We are extremely happy with the end result of a modern website that is both user-friendly and beautiful. We would absolutely recommend their services to anyone”. 

We would also like to thank Sean Noble, Nicky Noble and Jacques Venter for their assistance and contribution towards making this project a success. Then to Patrick Robert’s and his trail gnomes for keeping the trails in great condition to make for some stunning photography!  Thanks to Sean Rau for going the extra mile with the photography and editing and then last but not least, thanks to Cheryl Cawcutt for all the hard work developing the website.  Take a look for yourself at

Here’s some images from behind the scenes: