Social media marketing and how can it work for your business?

Social media marketing refers to the process of growing and engaging with your potential customers through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.  You can promote your social media channels by allocating a monthly budget which allows you to target your potential customers very specifically.  You can target people by age, gender, location, interests, occupation and more.

For example, if you had a bicycle shop, you could target people between the ages of 20 and 65 that have listed “cycling” as an interest in their social media profile.  On a platform such as Facebook, you can then pay for your Facebook page or advert to appear in their feed as a “sponsored post.”  What a great way to reach your target audience!  It’s also extremely cost effective compared to other advertising formats such as advertising in a local newspaper.

Here are some of the advantages of social media marketing:


  1. Once your potential customer has liked your Facebook page, they will receive all your future posts – even the ones that you don’t promote. The bigger your audience becomes, the better.
  2. And when the traffic gets fatter, you can broaden your budget. It then becomes important to make your website more appealing to users. Use designs that entrance the audience, and buy social signals from to maintain the flow of traffic.
  3. Its digital, so your audience will click on links to your specific campaign or to your website. You can’t do this in the newspaper.
  4. It’s interactive – get your point across with videos or gif files
  5. You get access to real statistics showing impressions (no of people that saw your post), engagement (no of people that commented or liked your post) and clicks on your website link, photo or video.
  6. Sell products directly from your Facebook page
  7. The most important point is you get to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your website


The Social Media Marketing Funnel

Here’s a simple illustration to show you how the process works.  You spend money creating awareness and building your social media audience.  Your audience starts engaging with your posts, they then visit your website and take action, such as asking for a quotation or making a purchase online, or even visiting your business to make a purchase.  You can then measure your return on investment by analysing your sales results and looking at how much you are spending on social media to get the sales.   Let’s look at the bicycle shop example, you spend R5000 a month on social media marketing – 1300 people like your page – 240 visit your website – 11 make a purchase.  Your sales from these 11 people = R120 000.00 and you generate R40 000 profit. So your social media marketing investment of R5000 generated R40 000 profit.  Not bad hey?

If you find it all too complicated to do yourself, why not hire an agency to help you?  They can manage your social media pages for you, post content, target your audience and help you to make sure you get a good return on your investment.

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